Discover all possibilities

Make the most of what your MultiSport card gives you – plan your training, learn from online courses Design Form, use the mobile application, available promotions and much more!

Access to thousands of facilities

With MultiSport, you have access to thousands of facilities in Poland – and the list is constantly growing.

Lots of activities

Gym, swimming pool, or maybe tennis or Nordic walking? There's something for everyone!

Free benefits

Take advantage of the entire MultiSport offer. Learn from trainers and nutritionists in the bonus online courses Design Form.

Cards for loved ones

Order additional cards for your family and friends – children, students, or seniors.

Choose your perfect card

Choose the perfect MultiSport card that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Employee type card

MultiSport Plus

MultiSport Plus is perfect for those who simply love to be active. It gives you free access to over 5,200 sports facilities across Poland.

Employee type card

MultiSport Classic

MultiSport Classic is ideal for those who like to work out regularly but like to have a wide variety of options. With MultiSport Classic, you get access to over 3,200 sports facilities in Poland.

Employee type card

MultiSport Light

MultiSport Light is perfect for those who work out systematically, but not too often. It allows a single daily access to more than 3,100 sports facilities between 6 and 10 times a month

Additional card

MultiSport Student

MultiSport Student is the best option for people between 15 and 26 years old. It gives access to nearly 4,900 sports facilities, great promotions, and the entire online offer.

Additional card

MultiSport Senior

MultiSport Senior is a card designed with seniors in mind. With MutliSport Senior, you can access thousands of sports facilities in Poland every day.

Additional card

MultiSport Kids

The MultiSport Kids card is a card for kids up to 15 years old who love sports! With MultiSport Kids, children can access more than 1,500 sports facilities across Poland.

Additional card

MultiSport Kids Aqua

The MultiSport Kids card is a card for kids who love playing and being active in the water. MultiSport Kids Aqua allows you to use more than 600 swimming pools, even several times a day, throughout Poland.


Order your card today!

Order any MultiSport card for yourself or for your relatives – you can easily complete the whole ordering process at work. Ask your Human Resources Department for any details. Please note that your card is active from the first day of the billing period for which it has been paid.