Your spine keeps you upright, so go for some swimming, all right?

Take good care of your spine with the MultiSport card! Enjoy access to swimming pools all over Poland, and 24 other activities. Check it out!


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After workout

With your MultiSport card, you can fully take care of yourself also from the privacy of your home. Read books, take online courses, work out the way you like. Discover the entire online offer and grow your skills.


Work out at home

Do you prefer to work out at home? MultiSport gives you unlimited free access to the Yes2Move training platform. It's a perfect solution for those who want to save time on commuting and simply exercise at home. You have hundreds of professional training sessions at your fingertips.

  • Over 700 video work-outs
  • Access to 25 qualified trainers
  • Training programs for everyone

Work out the way you like

Start a healthy lifestyle on your own terms. With your MultiSport card, you can exercise anywhere you want. You can choose from a wide selection of sports and activities - gym, swimming pool, squash, tennis and many more.

  • Choose from 25 different activities
  • Over 4,000 sports facilities all over Poland
  • Online sessions with experts
  • Online Yes2Move workouts
Online expert sessions

Get expert advice

Don't know how to start a healthy lifestyle? Lack of motivation prevents you from doing what you want? Want to create a better action plan? Book an individual session with our dietitians and trainers! Get started today.

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Individual approach

Talk with one of our experts on a video call or on chat – it's all included in the price of your card.


4 monthly sessions

We support you all the time so that you can check your progress regularly.


Expert advice

Talk to a dietitian or trainer and create the best plan for yourself!