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MultiSport Summer Game

Take up the holiday challenge with your MultiSport card. Take part in the race for a better shape and win valuable prizes.

Join today, because the longer you play, the more you win!

One card, plenty of possibilities

Achieve your goal of improved health and overall wellbeing. Learn about the summer activities you can enjoy with your MultiSport card. 

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MultiSport – sports cards tailored to your specific needs! 


Offer for employees

Encourage your team to pursue a healthier lifestyle 


MultiSport Plus

For the most dedicated sports enthusiasts – over 5,200 facilities accessible even multiple times a day! 

MultiSport Classic

For those who engage in sports very consistently – more than 3,200 facilities and a wide range of online offerings. 

MultiSport Light

For those who exercise several times a month – access to 3,100 facilities and a wide range of online offerings. 

Offer for accompanying persons

Gift MultiSport cards to your loved ones and share the joy of physical activity 

MultiSport Student

Access to more than 4,900 sports facilities for physical activity enthusiasts between the ages of 15 and 26. 

MultiSport Senior

Card designed for people over 60 years of age – daily access to 4,100 facilities until 4 PM. 

MultiSport Kids

Plenty of interesting activities for the youngest sports enthusiasts – climbing walls, dancing, swimming pool, and much more! 

MultiSport Kids Aqua

Card for kids who enjoy fun in the water – access to over 600 swimming pools even several times a day! 

How to order the MultiSport card

Are you an employee?
Ask your employer about the possibility of activating your MultiSport card.

Are you an employer?
Explore our offer and choose the right MultiSport package for your company’s employees! 

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Get convenient access to facilities

Mobile MultiSport card

Do you want to always have your MultiSport card with you? Download the free mobile app, enter your card number, choose a photo – and you’re done. Now you can use the property of your choice without showing your card and ID!

  • Gain more time for activities
  • Use the online facility and training search
  • You will enter the facility with your smartphone

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