The MultiSport Light card

If you're not a frequent visitor to the gym, but every now and then you like to try out different sports, then MultiSport Light is perfect for you.

Who is Multisport Light for?

The MultiSport Light card is for you if you like to exercise regularly, e.g. twice a week.

Access to over 2700 sports facilities

The MultiSport Light card is one of the most frequently chosen cards. It gives you access to thousands of sports facilities in Poland.

From 6 to 10 entries a month

Thanks to your MultiSport Light card, you can enter any facility that accepts the MultiSport Light card up to 10 times a month.

Access to sports facilities in over 740 cities

With MultiSport Light, you have unlimited access to sports facilities in over 740 cities across Poland!

Choose MultiSport Light

Do you have two moderate exercise sessions a week, but at the same time you want to try more than just one sport? Choose MultiSport Light!

How to order?

You can quickly order the MultiSport Light card at your company. For more details and the entire order process steps, please ask your HR department.

Who can order?

Every employee at a company that offers MultiSport can order the MultiSport Light card. The card is active from the first day of the settlement period for which it was paid.

One card, plenty of possibilities

With MultiSport you can do a lot more than just go to the gym or the swimming pool. Find out more!

Frequently asked questions

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