Take care of your well-being

Do you feel like riding a horse? Find the nearest facility and gain new experiences with the MultiSport card.

  1. Search for the nearest facility offering horseback riding.
  2. Check if the facility accepts your card.
  3. Take your card and an identity document with you.
  4. Enjoy yourself!

Find a facility

Practice your technique and empathy!

Horseback riding requires a consistent approach to training. If practiced regularly, it helps to build a sense of duty and character. Being around horses also has a therapeutic dimension – not only does it develop responsibility and increase empathy levels, but it also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Find a facility

How does it work?

With MultiSport, you can access thousands of facilities across Poland. Simply find a facility, take your card with you... and enjoy your workout!

Find a facility

Search for the nearest facility using our search engine. With MultiSport, you can access thousands of facilities.

Take your card with you

Have you found the right facility yet? Take your stuff and get moving! Do not forget your card and an ID or the mobile app.

Take care of your body and mind

Switch off the phone, turn on positive thinking and take care of your body and mood.

One card, many possibilities

MultiSport is much more than a gym or swimming pool. Discover everything your card has to offer!