MultiSport mobile app

Download the free MultiSport mobile app today and register visits to sports facilities with your smartphone!

Why get the MultiSport app?

With the MultiSport app, you can enter sports facilities even faster. All you need to do is generate the QR code in the application and show it to the staff at the entrance, even if you don't have access to the internet. What's more:

  • Access to a wide range of online workout sessions.
  • Monitor physical activity with a pedometer.
  • Manage all your additional cards in the app.
  • Find facilities in your area even faster.

Do more with the MultiSport app

Download the free app today, discover all the possibilities, and start a healthy lifestyle the way you like.

Find facilities in seconds

Thanks to the search option, you will always find the closest facility in your area.

Enter facilities together

You can enter a facility together with your kids without the need to show each card.

Exercise at home

With the MultiSport mobile application, you have access to many online training programs.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I cancel a visit using my mobile MultiSport card in the app?
The device that scans QR codes generated by the MultiSport app in the sports facility is out of order. How do I register my entry?
Do I need to add a photo in my MultiSport mobile app?
Can I change my photo in the application?
What are the requirements for the photo in the application?
What does the visit rating consist of?
When can I rate a visit at a facility?
Why do I rate my visit at a facility in the application?
How can I disable notifications concerning the facility rating?
How can I add my child’s card to my app?
Can I share a children's cards in the mobile app with other people?
As an accompanying person, can I link my child’s card to my account?

Have a question?

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