Activities available with the MultiSport card

With the MultiSport card, you have access to activities in over 4,500 facilities all over Poland. Check them out today!


Aqua Aerobics

Exercising in water strengthens your muscles, makes your figure slimmer, and improves your condition without overloading your joints.



Return to your childhood memories! Book a badminton court with the MultiSport card and have fun.



With your card you have access to thousands of pools. Pack your things and go for a swim today.


Summer pool

Are you spending your vacation in the city? In the summer season, with the MultiSport card, you have access to swimming pools all over Poland.



Do you like to exercise shorter but more intensively? Try cross-training with your MultiSport card – there is no place for boredom here!


Salt Caves

Give yourself a moment to breathe! With the MultiSport card, the seaside atmosphere is literally at your fingertips - wherever you are.


Team games

Book a volleyball, basketball, or soccer field and stay in shape the way you like. Choose your favorite discipline, the place, and time - done!


Indoor cycling

Do you like actively training? Choose a place where you can cycle indoors and give yourself a really sweaty workout!



Do you want to find harmony and balance in your life, and at the same time take care of your body? If so, yoga is just for you!


Ice rinks

In winter, MultiSport gives you access to ice rinks all across Poland! It's the perfect workout for coordination and a lot of fun at the same time - try it.


Nordic walking

Want to start your nordic walking adventure, but you don't have your own poles yet? Don't worry! You can easily rent nordic walking poles with your MultiSport card.


Rope parks

Practice coordination and balance! In summer, with the MultiSport card, you have access to rope parks in various locations in Poland.


Trampoline parks

Jump to a higher level of activity! In summer, you can visit trampoline parks all across Poland with your MultiSport card. Try it and have fun.



Need an adrenaline rush? Try paintball! It is a team game that perfectly develops coordination and efficiency - and gets you really tired!



Do you want to make your muscles more flexible and gain better awareness of the whole body? Try pilates classes and take care of yourself comprehensively.


Pole dance

Are you looking for an activity that combines acrobatics, gymnastics and dance in one? Try pole dance – with your MultiSport card, you can start even today.


City bikes

How about a 60-minute free ride on a city bike? It is possible with the MultiSport card! Hop on your bike and head out to town today.



Classic sauna, bio sauna, or maybe a steam bath or sauna sessions? The choice is yours thanks to MultiSport!


The gym

With the MultiSport card you have access to thousands of fitness clubs and gyms in Poland. Start today and take care of your health in an active way!


Climbing wall

Do you aim high? With the MultiSport card you will reach every top! Find the nearest climbing wall in your area and start today.



Do you want to improve your performance and stay fit? Try spinning classes with your MultiSport card and sweat it out!



Feel the real surge of endorphins! With your MultiSport card you can play squash all year round. Dare to try?


Martial arts

Karate, kick-boxing, tai-chi, or maybe boxing? Spice up your workouts by throwing some rear-naked chokes and roundhouse kicks into the mix!



Samba, bachata or maybe reggaeton? Listen for the beat and get around the dance floor! Start dancing today.


Table Tennis

Grip, stance, footwork, forehand drive, backhand drive – all that counts in table tennis. Take your MultiSport card and try it out! Great fun guaranteed.



With the MultiSport card, you can play tennis and play championship sets with your friends at selected tennis courts all over Poland.


Roller skates

Get spinning on roller skates! With your MultiSport card, you can visit roller skating rinks, rent equipment and sign up for lessons with an instructor.


Fitness lessons

Do you want to feel better in your own body? Nothing easier! With MultiSport, you can choose from a wide range of fitness classes.



Do you want to improve your body shape and have fun at the same time? Try zumba classes and burn calories to the rhythm of the beat.

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