Sport and fun in one package?

Paintball is a great way to get away from it all – even for just a few hours. This controlled shooting game will engross and entertain everyone! A special protective helmet and a military suit will make you feel safe and trigger your spirit of competition. No worries, you don’t need to have any special skills in advance. The instructor will show you the ropes on the spot.

Before booking a selected paintball venue check what you get with your MultiSport card and at what times it’s available for playing. You can find this information in the facility descriptions in the search function.

  1. Find a paintball field that accepts MultiSport cards.
  2. Check if the facility accepts your card type.
  3. Take your card and an identity document with you or enter with your mobile card in the MultiSport app.
  4. Hide, take aim, shoot, and have fun!

Benefits of paintball

Running around on the paintball field is more than just fun. It can also be an excellent cardio workout – during one session you can burn from 800 up to 1000 kcal! But that’s not all... Paintball is also great for practicing your agility, concentration power, and courage.

Be a sharp shooter, and take as few paint hits as possible!

Find a facility

How does it work?

Your MultiSport card gives you access to thousands of facilities in Poland.
Find the one closest to you and ... enjoy it!

Find a facility

Use our search to find the nearest sports facility. With MultiSport you have access to thousands of places across Poland!

Take your card

Found the place you want to go to? Ready, steady, go! Don't forget to take your MultiSport card and your ID. You can also use the MultiSport mobile app on your phone.

Take care of your body and mind

Turn off your phone, turn on positive thinking and take care of your body and well-being.

One card, plenty of possibilities

Achieve your goal of improved health and overall wellbeing. Learn about the summer activities you can enjoy with your MultiSport card.