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What does the MultiSport Program offer?
How can I order MultiSport card?
Are MultiSport cards issued to a particular person?
Does the MultiSport card need to be activated?
Can I activate the MultiSport card at any time?
Why is my MultiSport card inactive?
How do I suspend my MultiSport card?
Does my MultiSport card have a validity date?
Can I use my MultiSport card after the relationship with my employer ends?
How long is the duplicate MultiSport card delivered?
Do I need to use a plastic MultiSport card?
What should I do if I lose my MultiSport card?
What is the cost of the MultiSport card?
When do you have to pay for the MultiSport card?
Where and how do I pay for my MultiSport card?
Once I receive the registration link to create an account on the eMultiSport platform, how do I pay for my MultiSport card?
Do I have to pay extra to activate my MultiSport card?
Can I use sports facilities using just my MultiSport card number?
What are the differences between basic MultiSport cards?
What are the differences between additional MultiSport cards?
What additional cards can I order?
How many MultiSport cards for accompanying persons can I order?
How can I order cards for my relatives?
Can my accompanying person, who has a MultiSport card, enter sports facilities alone?
If my MultiSport card is inactive, can I have an active card for an accompanying person?
Can I lend my MultiSport card to someone to enter the facility?
Can I use sports facilities more than once a day with the MultiSport Plus card?
Can I use the MultiSport Light card twice on one day?
Can I use the MultiSport Light card on any days?
If I don’t use all the entries with my MultiSport Light card in the current month, are they carried over to the next month?
Does my child have to be a student to receive the MultiSport Student card?
What is the difference between the MultiSport Kids and MultiSport Kids Aqua cards?

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