The MultiSport Plus card

Do you value freedom of choice? Great! With MultiSport Plus you can enjoy an unlimited number of entries to thousands of facilities all over Poland.

Who is Multisport Plus for?

The MultiSport Plus card is the perfect card for you if you love all kinds of physical activities and want to use your card more than once a day.


Access to 4400 sports facilities

MultiSport Plus cardholders can enter 4400 sports facilities in Poland every day, several times a day.


Unlimited number of entries

With MultiSport Plus, you can enter sports facilities as frequently as you want, even several times a day. There is no limit!


Access to sports facilities in 650 cities

With MultiSport Plus, you have unlimited access to sports facilities in 650 cities across Poland!

Choose MultiSport Plus

Do you work out more than once a day? Training one sport isn’t enough for you? Choose MultiSport Plus!

How to order?
You can quickly order the MultiSport Plus card at your company. For more details and the entire order process steps, please ask your HR department.
Who can order?

Every employee at a company that offers MultiSport can order the MultiSport Plus card. The card is active from the first day of the settlement period for which it was paid.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the MultiSport Plus card cost?
How can I order MultiSport Plus?