8 body-shaping exercises with elastic bands

Resistance bands are growing in popularity as training accessories. Their advantages are plentiful. They take up little space, and they’re lightweight and handy, so you can use them for strength training in many different settings. Exercising with resistance bands is a good idea not only at the gym, but also at home or when traveling. Discover the most effective body-shaping exercises with elastic bands!

Agata Brama

How do I choose an elastic band for my workout?

The most popular types of elastic bands for training are resistance bands, mini-bands, and straps. Whichever type you choose, most can be adapted to your specific needs. If you want to do an exercise with a mini-band but you don’t have one readily available, you can tightly tie a strap and use it as a substitute.

The most important factor when choosing an elastic band is selecting an appropriate resistance level. It should be challenging, but you should still be able to use the correct technique when doing the exercise. If you find it difficult to maintain proper posture and engage your abdominals during your workout, you should opt for a band with lighter resistance.

Body-shaping exercises with elastic bands

1. Push-ups with elastic band (for beginners and advanced trainees alike)

Push-ups can be performed with mini-bands or large resistance bands.

Version with mini-band: put the elastic band on your shoulders, slightly above the elbows. Get down into a push-up position and perform a push-up. In the lower phase of the exercise, the mini-band should be on your chest, helping you to complete the push-up. This version of the exercise is suitable for those who are unable to do a regular push-up.

Version with large resistance band: cross the elastic band to create a figure 8 shape and put it on your back like a backpack (or the most popular posture correctors). Put the ends of the elastic band on your hands, get into position and do a push-up. This version of the exercise is great for those who regard regular push-ups with body weight alone as too easy. A resistance band placed in this way will provide an additional challenge for the muscles.