Five types of relationships we have with sport

Love is forgiveness, and sport forgives you a lot if you love it! As long as you don’t give up on sport after your first date to choose a deceitfully soft couch, you two have a chance to form a steady – though at times tumultuous – relationship. What lies in store for you? Discover our relationship types and some advice straight from the heart on how to fall in love with sport and be loved back.

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Good old married couple

You’ve been exercising for years or just months – regularly, conscientiously, and with full commitment. Being faithful to your favorite sports fills you with pride, and your excellent physical shape reinforces your belief that you and sport are a match made in heaven. But then you want to shake things up a bit to feel the butterflies in your stomach again at the sight of your sports gear...

Our advice: If you feel the spark has gone out of your relationship with sport, it’s time for... a little affair on the side! A new type of activity, a different workout time, or perhaps a new place to explore? Don’t be afraid to go wild – your ‘significant other’ will let it slide! 😉