Pre-workout warm-up – a sample set of exercises from a trainer

Warm-up is an integral part of training, and according to many trainers, even the most important! Training without warming up is not only not as effective, but it can also be dangerous for health – due to the increased risk of injury. No one should miss out on a pre-workout warm-up – from children in P.E., to recreational gym-goers, to professional footballers performing on the turf of the world’s largest stadiums. See how you can optimise your warm-up to achieve the greatest training benefits.

Agata Brama

Why do you need a warm-up?

Almost everyone knows that warming up is necessary before starting the training, but unfortunately, some people do not live by this principle. It’s a pity, because the warm-up really does have some extremely important functions.

Firstly, the very name “warm-up” already says a lot about what it causes – its goal is to raise the body temperature and heart rate, which translates into increased blood flow, among others in the muscles. Thanks to this, larger amounts of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the movement system, which perfectly prepares the muscles for further (and harder) work.

Properly conducted warm-up increases muscle flexibility, which improves the range of motion in the joints. This makes the exercises more effective, because they engage the muscles to a greater extent. Good mobility also means a reduced risk of injury, as well as reducing pain (e.g. in the lumbar spine, caused by sitting for a long time).

Warm-up affects not only the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems, but also the nervous system. Properly selected warm-up exercises increase coordination and balance, which translates into better quality of training.

In addition to purely physical aspects, the warm-up has another particularly important function – it prepares you mentally for the upcoming training. Although this may seem insignificant at first glance when compared to other functions, the mental attitude towards exercise plays an equally crucial role. A well-programmed warm-up allows for stronger concentration, entering the state of “flow” and increasing motivation to exercise. After all, the saying that “no one has ever regretted a workout” did not come out of nowhere ;).

Get the most out of your warm-up

One of the most recommended methods of warming up before training is the RAMP system, i.e.:

  • Raise
  • Activate
  • Mobilise
  • Potentiate.