6 useful smartphone apps to help you stick to your training routine

Is this the one and only time when we will recommend that you spend some time glued to the screen? Yes! Smart use of apps that motivate you to stay active can have measurable benefits.

Is your phone bursting at the seams with all of the apps you have installed? How many of them have you actually been using? Which of them are helpful and make life easier for you? According to the Software House report entitled “How Can IT Help Online Sales”, almost 10 million people in Poland use smartphone apps (data for 2021). We have an average of ten apps installed on our phones. Is it a good or a bad thing? We believe that smart use of technologies can translate into development and positive action. Being “glued to the screen” does not always mean being idle. Here is a list of 6 recommended apps to help you stick to your exercise routine. Find out which of them is perfect for you!

Focusly – for a mindfulness training

Focusly is an exceptional app which offers training activities for your brain. Work on your concentration, mindfulness, breathing or sound sleep to support your physical training. What makes this application special is its vast library of psycho-education recordings, mindfulness practice and meditation sessions created and moderated by expert psychologists, therapists, mindfulness trainers and meditation teachers.

Once launched, the app gives you access to various video recordings, lectures and affirmations. To learn more about the app, visit Focusly for MultiLife.

MultiSport Mobile App

If you are a MultiSport cardholder, make sure you download the MultiSport app! It will give you quicker access to sports venues (if you upload your photo to the app, you will no longer need to confirm your identity). Manage all the cards available within your account and access online video training sessions and expert content. You can monitor your venue admissions, rate the services and, importantly, get rewards for being active, e.g. in the Summer Game

Fitatu Calorie Counter and Dieting App

Such app can really work wonders, provided that you strictly follow the recommendations. The first interesting feature is the calorie counter for all meals. You can also try some of its complete recipes, choose the type of fast you want to do and browse daily menus. This makes it very hard to use lack of knowledge as an excuse!

In addition, the app can be easily synchronized with fitness apps, which will let you keep an even closer track of your calorie consumption and demand.

Swim Coach

You should not take your smartphone swimming with you, but this does not mean that you cannot use an app to improve your performance in the water! It will help to keep you motivated to visit the swimming pool regularly, and provide an opportunity to set a specific goal for your training sessions, so that you keep improving in your chosen discipline.

The app will let you to plan your workouts, keep a training journal, overcome challenges and use various types of swimming gear (e.g. a board or swim fins).