The 12-3-30 Method – Is It Really That Effective?

The “12-3-30” method is a relatively new, but already very trendy form of training, which, if you devote 30 minutes a day, is supposed to deliver spectacular results. Is it really worthy of consideration? What does it involve? Who is it dedicated to? Below you will find answers to these and similar questions.

The 12-3-30 method was invented by... a TikToker. Her grandmother always said that 30 minutes of exercise a day was enough to maintain health and well-being. These words became the motivation to do a specific kind of workout. It involves setting the incline of the treadmill to 12 degrees, followed by a half-hour walk at a speed of 3 miles (about 4.8 km) per hour.

Where did the 12-3-30 method come from?

The 12-3-30 training method was developed by US influencer Lauren Giraldo. In 2019, the then 23-year-old published a YouTube video showcasing this form of physical activity. However, the video did not get much publicity. That all changed at the end of 2020, when Lauren posted the video on TikTok, the platform that was gaining tremendous popularity. At the time, the video was viewed as many as 12 million times, sparking a real boom in the 12-3-30 training.

Lauren Giraldo focused on physical activity on a treadmill, taking into account the aforementioned appropriate angle of incline, speed and training time. 

The creator of this method claims that by exercising this way for five days a week, she managed to lose as much as 13 kg and maintain this weight for two years. Where did the idea for this kind of training come from? Lauren never liked running but wanted to do effective cardio workouts. So she set the maximum incline on her treadmill (12-degree angle) and opted for an average walking speed that is friendly to any healthy adult (3 miles per hour).

The 12-3-30 training method – step by step

  1. Warm-up – start your workout with a brisk 5-minute walk to prepare your body for the activity.
  1. Change the incline – after the warm-up, set the incline of the treadmill to 12 degrees.
  1. Speed setting – now set your speed at 3 mph (or about 4.8 km/h).
  1. Intense walking – do a 30-minute intense walk. Don’t stop. While doing it, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

Remember that the most effective workout will be one without holding onto the treadmill with your hands. At the gym, people walking uphill on the treadmill can often be seen supporting themselves with their arms against the treadmill parts while leaning backwards. This causes their figure to be perpendicular to the treadmill and they don’t actually walk uphill, as both the treadmill and the figure are at the same angle.

  1. Slow down – at the end do a 5-minute walk with no incline – this will allow you to calm down and relax.