Team sports with the MultiSport card

– find a workout that suits you and uncover the potential of a close-knit team!

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Team sports are excellent adrenaline boosters – they get adrenaline pumping in the players themselves and in the multitude of fans who frequently perceive the world league games as spectacular shows. What makes them different than other disciplines? All team members work to achieve their goal; teamwork based on common tactics, mutual trust and engagement is the key to success. Do you know that you too can feel like a sports star with your MultiSport Card?😊  

Just one ball and a huge amount of benefits

As we are thinking about the most popular team sports, we must quote Kazimierz Górski, the legendary coach of the Polish national football team: “The ball is round and there are two goals” and “you can win the game, lose the game or you can tie”. 😊 Those simple rules, which can be slightly modified to individual sports disciplines, characterise all the most popular team sports, be it football, basketball or volleyball, as well as handball, water polo or hockey.

While the latter two disciplines require certain skills in swimming and skating, those skills can be developed with the MultiSport Card, right? 😉 Either way, gry zespołowe are an excellent workout and leisure activity for everyone! Your age, sex and – contrary to appearances – even the shape you’re in or your current capabilities do not matter. The most important thing is whether you are willing to try and improve your skills in a sport in which you must be able to play with others to achieve a common goal (whichever discipline you prefer 😉).