Plant-Based Proteins That Must Not Be Missing From Your Diet

Vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular for both health and environmental reasons. People who want to start limiting meat and animal products often ask themselves: will plant-based protein be enough? Today we will look at the best sources of protein that nature offers. Is it worth introducing them into your daily diet?

Why do we need protein so badly?

Let’s start precisely with that – why do we need protein? It is an ingredient that is essential for the body to function properly. There are twenty amino acids that make up protein, nine of which we cannot produce ourselves – we have to get them from food.

Among other things, protein is needed for the construction and reconstruction of tissues; it is also a component of blood and lymph and of biologically active compounds, for example hormones and enzymes. Of course, that’s not all. Protein is important for our immunity, is a carrier for vitamins and nutrients, and helps regulate blood pressure.

For physically active people, protein is particularly important, as it promotes recovery after training. One recent study reports:

“The higher protein requirement in athletes, compared to non-athletes, is related to the need to repair muscle damage caused during exercise, increased muscle protein synthesis (especially in strength disciplines) and the maintenance of optimal muscle mass. In endurance disciplines, additionally, prolonged exercise leads to increased oxidation of certain amino acids (mainly leucine), which requires a higher protein intake” [1].

In the same study, the researchers point out that athletes do not need to rely on so-called protein supplements at all. Protein obtained from a well-balanced diet is completely sufficient, and overdosing has its consequences – leading, among others, to acidification of the body. Acidification can in turn become the cause of various chronic diseases, including diabetes, gout and even cancer.

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