Is it really a good idea to start off your day with cereal?

Cereal with milk has been a popular morning meal for a long time. It has many advantages – it can be prepared in a short time, it comes in a variety of flavours and can be customised to your individual preferences. However, when you look at the nutritional value of some of cereal types, you may start to question your own choices. Is it worth eating? How to choose the healthiest cereal? In this article, we will take a closer look at these questions and give you some tips that will help you make an informed choice.

Cereal – nutrition facts

Cereal comes in many varieties, such as oats, corn flakes, rice flakes, wheat flakes, etc. Each type has its own nutritional properties, but most of them contain certain similar nutrients.

Carbohydrates are the first major nutrient present in cereal. They are the main source of energy for your body. Cereal contains a considerable quantity of simple sugars that are quickly absorbed by the body. As a result, eating them leads to a rapid spike of the blood glucose level.

When choosing cereal, it is a good idea to take into account the fibre content as fibre influences digestion and the sense of satiety. Vitamins and minerals are also an important aspect. They are often enriched with various nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, iron or calcium. If they are not listed on your cereal’s list of ingredients, and you eat your cereal with a plant-based drink, make sure that the drink contains the necessary microelements and vitamins.

Also, find out which plant milk is worth buying if you are physically active.

What do you need to watch out for?

 First and foremost, when you are searching for a ready-made cereal mix or all types of sweetened versions, try to avoid the ones with the following ingredients on the top of their list:

  • palm oil,
  • sodium phosphorus,
  • calcium carbonate,
  • flavour enhancers,
  • raising agents or numerous emulsifying agent.

Cereal that mainly contains sugar and colouring agents should remain on the store shelf.