How to stay active throughout summer with the MultiSport card?

Summer holiday is all about lazing around? Not for MultiSport athletes! Rediscover a wealth of activities which have hibernated for way too long this year.

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Active recreation may sound like a self-contradiction, but not for enthusiasts of sporting attractions. Which activities are worth giving a try? Below you will find some ideas available with the MultiSport card which you can try both during the summer days in your city and on vacation – in any region of Poland.

Her Highness, the Rocket: lawn tennis, squash and badminton

Lawn tennis – similar to its younger sibling squash – is a sport for strong-willed people who love fierce competition. If you want to prove yourself in this discipline, in summer you can use outdoor tennis courts which offer access to both the necessary equipment and professional tennis coach consultations. Recreational tennis is a great way not only to improve your overall fitness, sharpen your reflexes and enhance motor coordination, but also to take a vacation from all your worries and negative emotions.

Expect no less of badminton – a sport which like no other evokes associations with summer fun and childlike light-heartedness. Did you know there are special courts for playing the game, with rackets and shuttlecocks available for hire? Team up with friends and make sure to check out what it is like to play badminton on a professional court!