How do you stay motivated to keep exercising? 8 tried and tested tips

In the summertime, we all like to rest a bit and indulge in the nice little things life has to offer. We first start thinking about getting back in shape when autumn comes. However, the motivation might be lacking. What do you do to stay motivated? Check out our helpful tips!

Why is workout motivation often missing?

This is a good warm-up question. Plenty of studies have been conducted to find the answer and hundreds of people of all ages have been involved as subjects. What are the results?

Your workout motivation is mostly affected by your previous experience. If your previous workouts were difficult, exhausting and boring – you do not have a clear impulse to engage in the same activity again.

Another interesting conclusion implies that our bodies are hard-wired to minimize effort to reduce energy use. When exercising, some people need to virtually fight against themselves. Making an effort and getting tired is not easy, even if we are ultimately rewarded with an energy boost and a better mood.

A motivation slump may also result from unclear goals you set for yourself at the outset of your workout plan.

Let’s get back to the basic question – where do you find long-term and unfailing workout motivation?