How (if at all) should you exercise on your period?

You can exercise during menstruation, but you need to adjust the type of workout to the day of your period and to how you are feeling. Physical activity during menstruation can help you to relax, decompress and alleviate the pain.

Milena Traczyńska

Not sure how to exercise and what type of physical activity you should choose? You can engage in any type of physical activity or opt for individually adapted workouts – it only depends on your body. Read on to find out what I mean.

We will start exercising as soon as we split into groups. Which group will you join?

  1. The first one is the luckiest group (so to speak). It includes women who barely notice that they are menstruating, hardly experience any pain and stop bleeding quickly.
  2. The second group is for those who sometimes feel their period more, sometimes less, and who have moderate bleeding. In their case, physical activity is recommended to help relax the muscles.
  3. There is also a third group – which is by no means the worst one! This one is for women who would gladly wait their period out curled up in their beds for several days.

 Should they exercise? Yes, they should, but with a small caveat.

The first group should pass on very intense workouts which directly target the abdominal muscles, and especially their lower sections, even if they feel capable of doing them. There are no other contraindications, so if you are one of those women, you can use our workouts which target, e.g. the inner part of the thighs and feel fantastic after your training session.

If you are one of those ladies whose bodies want to keep active during menstruation, try special-purpose moderate intensity workouts. Below, you will find a sample exercise plan you can use during your period. You can also try some yoga or Pilates.

If you are in the third group... first see a urogynecological physical therapist. They will advise about the best exercises or help you to solve the problem. You can also practice mindfulness: this type of activity will help you to reduce the pain. After a few sessions, the physical therapist may give you the green light to try more intensive exercises.