10 rules of etiquette in the gym and fitness club

Fall is a season of fresh starts and a return to regular routines after the summer break. Many of us choose to embark on new activities, such as starting a workout regimen at a fitness club or gym. Especially for you, we’ve put together the basic rules of etiquette. Get to know them before going to the sports facility for the first time!

Agata Brama

1. Pay attention to other gym-goers

Social awareness is a fundamental aspect when attending a gym or fitness club. When entering the locker room, say hello to fellow gym-goers and be mindful of their presence. Avoid occupying the entire bench with your belongings and make an effort to leave ample space for others to change comfortably. If you carry your gym bag with you, put it away to make sure you don’t inconvenience other gym users.

2. Take good care of your hygiene

Some might be surprised that such self-evident things even need to be mentioned. However, if you go to the gym regularly, it’s fairly likely that you’ve come across someone with a strong body odor preventing you from having an enjoyable and effective workout experience.  Consequently, in addition to wearing deodorant, make sure that your clothes are washed and fresh. When it comes to odor issues, there’s nothing more unpleasant than working out in clothes that were already soaked in sweat and then left in your gym bag. After your workout, always empty your bag and chuck your clothes straight into the laundry basket.

3. Change your footwear

The prospect of not having to carry shoes in your gym bag can be tempting, especially in the warm, dry months. However, changing footwear after getting to the gym is a good practice to make a habit of. The shoes you normally wear for walking or working out outdoors often have bits of dirt, sand or even small pebbles stuck in the soles. If you don’t change into dedicated footwear before entering the gym area, you leave all this dirt and grime on the floor. As a result, other gym-goers who want to perform their exercises on the floor, need to find a clean spot, and the cleaning staff have considerably more work to do. Consequently, it’s a good idea to keep at least one pair of shoes exclusively for indoor use and wear them during your fitness workouts.

4. Tidy up after yourself

A few years ago, a popular quip among gym staff was “If you can’t put away the weights, ask the girls at the reception desk for help.” Time goes by, but the problem with putting away weights still persists. Whatever gym equipment you use, if you have the strength to do a set with a certain weight, you should be able to put it away after you’re done with it. Leave the workout area as you'd like it to be when you enter the gym.

5. Use a towel

Using a towel is a very good practice to adopt by gym and fitness club users. The main use of a towel is to place it on the gym equipment or exercise mat before you start your workout routine. In this way, you protect your skin from direct contact with the equipment used by other gym-goers and you don’t leave behind a sweaty stain. In addition, you slow down the wear and tear of gym machines, improving the comfort of all users. However, make sure not to wipe sweat off your body or face with the towel you put on the machines, mats or the floor during your workout. For this purpose, we advise disposable paper towels, which are readily available in all fitness clubs. This is the most hygienic option for the skin.

If you plan to take a shower at the gym after your workout, take two towels with you – one for your training and one for the shower. If you don’t have a towel for your workout or you can’t use one because of the exercise you’re doing, make sure to disinfect the machine or mat after use. Use a disinfectant and paper towel available at the gym.