The gym – where to start? Everything you need to know!

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Does the gym remind you of a place soaked with testosterone and the spirit of barbell competition? It's far from that! The gym of today is a welcoming place for anyone wishing to enhance their body shape and strength, including the mental strength, through regular trainings. What do you need to know before you go to the gym for the first time?

Strength training – why is it worth a try?

Contrary to the name, your strength adventure doesn't have to start with the barbell trainings. Most of the facilities available with MultiSport, which you can find using the Facility Search, are in fact fitness clubs offering both heavy load and strength exercise options, as well as aerobics training equipment.

A good gym will have clearly designated training areas:

  • Aerobic machines section offering treadmills, steppers, stationary and elliptical bikes as well as strength machines such as the butterfly, the leg press machine or the sit-up bench;
  • Free weights section with typical accessories for building the muscle mass, such as various types of dumbbells, barbells, lifts or kettlebell weights.

How – apart from the equipment, of course – are these sections different for a gym beginner? The key is the training type and the section’s purpose.

Aerobic machines section

A beginner should definitely start with the machines section – for at least two reasons. First, the machines enable aerobic training which, by oxygenating the tissues, significantly improves the overall efficiency of your body necessary to perform complex exercises planned in the long-term training perspective. Second – the strength devices used to work on individual muscles determine the precise movement range minimizing the risk of injuries related to improper muscle load. The machines also usually provide clear exercise instructions which can be helpful if a trainer is not available to support you with advice.