Staying active on a plant-based diet – debunking myths!

Read on to find out:

– why athletes incorporate plant-based protein into their diets,

– why it is a mistake for athletes to stay away from soy,

– which six categories of plant-based products you need to eat to enjoy great workout benefits.

As the popularity of plant-based diets continues to grow, there’s a strong ongoing debate about the effects of plant-based nutrition on people who are actively involved in sports. Do you know the issues faced by vegetarians and vegans who work out on a regular basis? Read on to find out that some of the most common beliefs are nothing but myths.     

Do you know what the famous triathlete Brendan Brazier, the world’s top tennis players – the Williams sisters, and... Albert Einstein have in common? All of them opted for a nutritional model which excludes meat or all animal-based foods. This shows that, contrary to popular belief, a plant-based diet is not in any way inferior to the traditional meat-based way of eating. In fact, it is a nutritionally complete diet that is great for the body and mind.

More and more people – including celebrities and scientists – are becoming advocates for a plant-based diet. Almost everyone has a relative or friend who has given up animal products altogether, be it for reasons of health, ethics or ecology.

Despite this, there are still many controversies and myths surrounding diets with no animal products, especially in the context of the pre- and post-workout eating strategies. Is there any truth in them? Find out yourself!

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