Sporty journeys – try different activities from across the globe!

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Keep your traveler’s spirit alive when the vacation is over. With your MultiSport card, you can set new directions for your sports passion all year round and discover activities that will take you to exotic places where they originate. You are both the guide and the traveler – and we give you tips on what to put on the map of your sports discoveries.      

Check out the martial arts

The Far East is the cradle of martial arts – disciplines in which physical competition is intertwined with a profound philosophy of unity between the body and mind. In addition to building up muscle strength, agility, coordination and body control, an integral part of the workout is spiritual development, so that energy generated in physical activity can be used in combat against potential opponents.

The fighting techniques developed by ancient masters have nothing to do with pure brute force. Instead, they are based on profound respect for the opponent and the ability to act consistently, accept defeat with humility, and work towards your goals with patience.

Martial arts training is more than a fascinating journey into the depths of Far Eastern philosophy and culture. It is also a field where you can discover new styles, varying not only in terms of their country of origin, but also in technique, dynamics, distinctive characteristics or degree of difficulty.

Why not try tai chi – a form of meditative exercise originating in China – or explore the secrets of effective self-defense during Japanese judo training? Whichever option you choose, it will transport you to the heart of Asia, no matter where you train.