Slimming through swimming

Read on and find out how to exercise in the pool with great effects!

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There is simply no other way: if you want to lose weight through physical activity, you must be patient and prepare for liters and liters of sweat. However, it will be nicer, not to mention more effective, if you enlist (liters and liters) of water as your ally, and sign up for some exercise in the pool. What is the best way to work out in water? Which "aqua activities" are worth giving a try with your MultiSport card? 

Swimming – how many calories will you burn in the pool?

A lot has been said that swimming is one the safest sports in terms of risk of injury because working out in water puts no strain on the skeletal system. What's more, this form of physical activity is recommended both as a way to prevent health problems and as a form of physiotherapy after spinal injury or when excessive strain is put on joints, for example in overweight individuals. The benefits of swimming are naturally related to the buoyant force which acts on every body immersed in water. As a result, when exercising in water we feel lighter and less tired, even though our muscles in motion work just as intensely as during exercise "on dry land". No wonder, then, that swimming is among the most popular sports activities in the weight loss process. In addition to bringing great benefits to overweight and obese people, swimming is recommended, for example, to pregnant women who want to maintain their optimum body weight.

The amount of calories burned when exercising in the pool depends essentially on four factors: body weight, exercise time, pace, and preferred swimming style. Scientists from the American College of Sports Medicine even calculated the exact number of calories used up during one hour of exercise, taking into account the swimming speed and body weight of swimmers.

Based on their findings:

  • a person with a body weight of about 60 kg, swimming freestyle, burns approximately 400–600 kcal (depending on swimming speed);
  • a person with a body weight of over 90 kg loses approximately 650 kcal while swimming freestyle at a slower pace, and as many as 900 kcal when swimming faster.

What's the conclusion? The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn regardless of the amount of time you spend swimming. In addition, you greatly improve your heart's performance, boost your metabolism, increase your fitness level, sculpt your figure, and relax in water – that's a lot of good stuff packed into one activity!