Step 1: Save the lonely banana!

Monika Ciesielska
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Discover 7 benefits of eating brown bananas.

The inconspicuous, fully ripe fruit offers a wealth of precious benefits. Find out why a brown banana is better than a yellow one!

  1. It is sweeter that its yellow competitors.
  2. It provides a quick energy boost.
  3. Its brown skin is a telltale sign that the fruit is ripe and full-flavoured.
  4. It is a great ingredient for a post-workout meal.
  5. It contains as much as 400 mg of potassium and only 1 mg of sodium, which makes it effective in reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease.
  6. It has only 100 calories (for a medium-sized banana of ca. 110 g)
  7. It makes for a good smoothie base (ensuring a sweet flavour with no added sugar).