Step 2: Plan your activity

Marta Hennig
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An exercise plan, a workout schedule or a fitness programme – whatever you call it, it is all about ensuring the right distribution of your workout sessions during the week. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness buff – it is worth having a plan! Why?

To get motivated!

By arranging your exercise schedule and assigning types of activity to various days of the week, you will keep your motivation up and work out regularly. A ready schedule will let you stick to a specific predetermined framework.

To make your exercise routine more varied

When exercising spontaneously, we are very often limited to a single activity, which we are best at – that is a mistake! It is a good idea to arrange a varied training plan for all-round body conditioning.

Runners, for instance, should not neglect strength training and fitness fans should remember to stretch. Body builders should not shy away from cardio or mobilization workouts.