Love (of sports) is in the air! Find out why!

Are you in a long-term relationship with sports or are you only now entering one? Regardless of the stage you are at, find out why it is worth tying the knot with physical activity ;)

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Boost your self-confidence and attract other people’s attention

Did you know that nine out of ten people believe that physical activity lifts your spirits and improves your body image and 47% of Poles believe that physical activity raises your chances of finding a partner?

Regular workouts help you to get in shape, reduce unwanted body fat and sculpt your muscles to make you look attractive and youthful. By working out, you build your body and your character. You are goal-oriented, consistent in what you do and more open to new challenges and new people.

“Physical activity is a very interesting parameter of attractiveness which we intuitively associate with desirable physical properties, such as a shapely, athletic figure, but also with positive character traits. When we see somebody doing sports, we presuppose that they are self-confident, sociable, open to challenges or more sexually capable. All of these traits are a sign of attractiveness and all naturally pique our interest,” explains sexologist Robert Kowalczyk, PhD.