Being “here and now” – mindfulness exercises for physically active people

If you are an active person, do some kind of sport or just like to be on the move – you may be interested in an approach to physical activity based on the recently popular mindfulness. It sounds puzzling, but by making a few changes, you’ll discover a new quality of workout and even life.

Aleksandra Łomzik

There has been a lot of interesting research proving that regular performance of techniques based on mindfulness can contribute to accomplishing our sporting goals.

As part of one such study, 46 athletes aged between 18 and 25 from the National Taiwan Sport University were selected. The participants were divided into two equal groups – a group to do a mindfulness training and a control group. The mindfulness group participated in two 30-minute mindfulness sessions per week for 5 weeks. The performance of both groups in fitness and endurance exercises was then examined.

The results of the study showed that:

  • the group taking part in mindfulness sessions did much better with the exercises than the control group,
  •  the group practicing mindfulness showed greater accuracy,
  • additionally, it was able to perform them for longer periods of time, which is likely related to the breathing and proper posture exercises introduced in the sessions.