How not to slim?

Do you want to lose excess kilos? Read what mistakes to avoid on a weight loss diet!

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Come spring, all kinds of ideas for losing those extra pounds start to pop up in your mind. They may be crazy, but who cares: the end justifies the means, and the more complex the strategy you adopt, the more likely you seem to succeed.

But before you come up with yet another action plan to help you REALLY lose weight and REALLY break those bad habits once and for all this time, make sure to read below how you definitely should not slim.

Calorie intake below your basal metabolic rate

The prospect of quick results and losing weight the easy way is sure tempting but it can actually get you into trouble, especially when combined with lots of motivation. Sticking to a crash diet for just a couple of weeks often seems more appealing than having to work for a longer time to get the desired results.

It would even make sense if not for the fact that a restriction diet based on calorie intake below your basal metabolic rate is a starvation diet that fails to meet the energy requirement of your organs, muscles and your entire body. If the risk of ruining your health is not enough to discourage you, perhaps you will be concerned about the yo-yo effect experienced by almost every person who has reduced their daily calorie intake too much (due to a lower metabolic rate, i.e. slower calorie burning).