Comfort food in the fit style, or how to slim down what makes us happy

Nutrition is a necessary part of life: satisfying hunger is simply linked to survival, but it can also be stored in the brain in a network of associations and memories. Just as we will remember a food poisoning caused by, for example, cottage cheese and for that reason will not reach for it anytime soon, the dishes that accompanied pleasant moments will put us in the positive mood we remember from years ago.

There is no one who in moments of weakness will not miss their grandmother's paper-thin pancakes that used to fill the kitchen with their aroma in the morning, cocoa with bread covered in a cloud of thick cream, sprinkled with sugar or... pork chops generously bathed in lard gushing from the pan, served with potatoes and cucumber salad. Ah, memories!

Eating is supposed to give pleasure, but the more aware we are of the nutritional value and impact of what we eat on our health, the more often the red light goes on: watch out, are you eating that pizza/hamburger/cheesecake with caramel too often? (delete as appropriate).

You don't have to deny yourself these "sins" every time, but a stressful lifestyle or lack of regular physical activity can generate an inordinate number of searches for good connotations in our memoir cookbook.

Comfort food vs stress

Comfort food is an important aspect in mood adjustment. Studies from the early 2000s indicate that comfort food links the aspect of eating to a specific situation when we feel optimal, safe – just comfortable. *

We need this feeling in certain situations in order to achieve an optimal mental state: during moving out, stressful life moments or feelings of overwhelming sadness and depression. Then it is worth reaching into your cache and confronting your favourite recipes with a healthy, balanced diet.

The idea behind comfort food is that taste and smell transport us to a land of happiness, so theoretically what is sacred should not be modified. Sensory play should offer solace in moments when we need an inner hug, but if we make comfort food recipes less fattening or more conducive to a healthy lifestyle, we can be proud of ourselves, right? Besides... it is worth creating new interpretations and telling your story anew. Here are some of our suggestions.

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