Remember to keep active and improve your memory and concentration!

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Scientists agree that physical activity has a beneficial effect on the cognitive functions of the brain regardless of age, and problems with concentration, memory and learning can be overcome by regularly letting your head “catch a breath.” What does it actually mean and what types of exercise can help you to unleash your mental potential?

Physical activity for the brain: focus on regularity

To make a wise start... did you know that the role of physical activity and sport in the process of human development was already recognized by ancient philosophers? For example, Plato was an active gymnast and wrestler who in his most famous work expressed an opinion that people who cannot swim should not be entrusted with public functions, and neither should those who cannot read... 😊

Contemporary scientific research clearly shows that mental performance depends not only on brain training in the traditional sense (e.g. solving puzzles or brain-teasers), but also on the daily dose of exercise. First of all, it is a matter of better blood supply – as you know, exercise activates our circulatory system, which means that more oxygen and nutrients reach the brain. A well-nourished brain undergoes structural changes – the volume of the so-called grey matter in the frontal and temporal cortices increases – as well as functional changes, consisting in more efficient transmission of signals between neurons and different areas of the brain. This in turn improves such cognitive processes as memorizing, abstract and creative thinking, selecting information and focusing attention.