Rehabilitation gym for the Regional Care and Therapy Facility in Kazimierza Wielka


Who have we helped?

The Regional Care and Therapy Facility in Kazimierza Wielka is a place for children and adolescents age 3-18 who, due to their health condition, cannot be placed in foster care or in a care and education facility. Its main goal is to provide children with round-the-clock specialist care, education, treatment, rehabilitation, revalidation, and other necessary therapeutic activities.

What has been achieved?

The purpose of Dobry MultiUczynek for the facility was the purchase of equipment for an outdoor rehabilitation gym for the charges. In 2019, the facility managed to obtain some funds for this purpose, but the collected amount was insufficient. Thanks to your points and a donation from Benefit Systems the facility could buy the necessary equipment (8 devices) and create a place for outdoor rehabilitation for its charges.