Horse pasture fence from the Zwierzęca Polana Foundation


Who have we helped?

The Zwierzęca Polana Foundation has been saving animals for 8 years and creates conditions for them to shake off the harm done to them by humans. It looks after several dozen dogs and cats as well as farm animals: over 30 horses, a few cows, a bull and two sheep. The Foundation saves them mainly from slaughter fairs and interventions.

What has been achieved?

The purpose of Dobry MultiUczynek for the Zwierzęca Polana Foundation was the purchase of materials needed to fence a horse pasture. Thanks to your points and a donation from Benefit Systems the Foundation was able to carry out the next stage of the costly undertaking, which is to erect a solid fence on a large area. The funds from the donation were allocated to the construction of a brick foundation which is the basis of the fence and allows for the separation of horses from dogs under the Foundation's care in the future.