Discover the new MultiSport app

A mobile MultiSport card now in your phone!


Log in to the app and enter your MultiSport card number

Use the same login details you use on


Go to the facility of your choice

At the club reception, start up the app and choose the option “Use your card”.


Register access

A QR code and token number will display on the screen – show it at the reception desk together with your ID.

Download the app!
The free MultiSport app is now in stores.

Find sports facilities in a matter of seconds!

Find a place to work out
Search facilities across Poland by name, location or other categories.
Follow the fastest route
Use GPS navigation to get to your destination even faster.
Stay up to date
Learn more about the facility, its opening hours and offer.


The mobile MultiSport card can be used by any MultiSport Programme Member over the age of 13. All you need to do is download the free MultiSport app from Google Play or AppStore and add your card number to it.

In order to use your mobile MultiSport card, you need to have an active MultiSport or MultiActive card and your next month’s fee must be paid. The mobile MultiSport card is a digital equivalent of your standard card. Using the mobile card does not involve any extra charges.

In order to recover your password, select the option “Forgot password” in the app. We will send you an e-mail with a request to create a new password to the e-mail address you provided when registering to use the app.

In order to use your mobile MultiSport card, you need to accept the MultiSport App Terms and Conditions. In order to revoke your acceptance, please contact the Benefit Systems hotline.

In order to cancel a visit you booked using your mobile MultiSport card, you need to generate another QR code or token and give it to the person at the reception desk in the sports facility, asking them to cancel your visit.

Give the token number shown under the QR code to the person at the reception desk in the sports facility. They will enter the token manually using the terminal keyboard.

In order to log your visit, you need an active QR code or token that can be generated by the mobile app in your phone. If you are unable to access the app, you need to present your plastic MultiSport card at the reception desk.

Yes, prior to entering the sports facility, you still need to present your ID document. ID document should contain the user’s name and photo, and be issued by a public administration body (e.g. ID card, passport, residence card, driver’s license), professional association authority (official identity card), or primary, secondary or post-secondary school (student ID card).

You don’t need to carry the plastic card with you if you use the mobile MultiSport card. But remember to bring your ID document!

Yes, you can generate a QR code for MultiSport Kids and Child cards. This option is available for accounts created for Employee cards.  Remember that before adding the Kids or Child cards, you need to create an account for the cards in the MultiSport mobile app or the Card Holder Zone (

In order to add an additional card, i.e. a MultiSport Kids or MultiSport Child card, to your mobile app, swipe the main screen (with “My Card”) to the right. Click the “Add card” button, fill in your child’s name and card number and submit the data.  A confirmation request will then be sent to the e-mail address which was used to register the account for the child’s card. As soon as we receive the confirmation, your additional Kids or Child card will be displayed as available in your app, and you will be able to register visits using QR codes.

You can add up to four additional MultiSport Kids and Child cards to your app to use them to log your entries to sports facilities participating in the MultiSport Program.

With additional cards added to your app, you can generate QR codes for many cards using the same account. You can get into the facility much faster in the case of group entries! You can manage additional cards displayed in your account any way you want: you can add or remove them, or decide who to share them with and for how long. 

Your children’s cards added to your app can be shared with any adult MultiSport card holder who has an active account in the app. Each MultiSport Kids or Child card can be shared up to 4 times. The people you share the MultiSport Kids or Child cards with will be able to generate QR codes and log their visits to sports facilities. Thanks to this, your loved ones will also be able to take your children to sports facilities even if they do not have your children's standard MultiSport cards with themselves.

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