What do you gain from participating in MultiSport’s free challenge?

  • You’ll learn how sugar affects the brain and why you find it so hard to resist sweet temptations.
  • You’ll get to know sugar substitutes you may want to test out.
  • You’ll discover how to stop eating your way out of stress.
  • You’ll find out how to read product labels to avoid falling into sugar traps.
  • You won’t feel the lack of sugar in your diet – but you’ll very happy about the change.
  • You’ll discover that... you don’t need to add extra sugar to your carrot salad, and you’ll appreciate your apple pie more when you taste the real and unadulterated crisp and tart flavor of apples.

 Start today!

Decode sugar’s secret language! If you want to consciously give in to occasional sweet temptations instead of falling into traps, this challenge is for you!

The challenge consists of:

  • 10 lessons sent to your e-mail address, each addressing a specific topic related to sugar,
  •  additional materials (graphics and infographics) that will help you remember key takeaways from the lessons,
  •  worksheets prepared by a dietitian, to complete on your own,
  •  expert articles to expand and systematize your knowledge.