What is Zdrofit Zdrowe Miejsce?

It is a chain of newly opened medical facilities in Warsaw where you can get back in shape while following an exercise plan designed by experts. A list of the facilities is available HERE.

  • You get a personalized Improvement Plan tailored to your needs
  • In the facility, you can do the recommended exercises using the available equipment
  • You keep in touch with a physiotherapist
  • You can exercise individually or take part in group classes


For whom?

Zdrofit Zdrowe Miejsce is the perfect choice for you if you want to:

  • safely resume physical activity after a break,
  • benefit from physiotherapists’ advice regarding safe and healthy movement,
  • improve your health and minimize risks related to sedentary work.

How to use a facility?


Complete the form

Complete the contact form available on our website.


Talk to the consultant

Our consultant will call you back within the next 48 hours.


Start exercising

Collect and implement your Improvement Plan at a selected facility from the Zdrofit Zdrowe Miejsce chain.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I get manual therapy at the facilities?
Do I need to pay extra for the services of a physiotherapist?
What sanitary measures are in place at Zdrofit Zdrowe Miejsce facilities?
Is it possible to have an additional one-on-one consultation with a physiotherapist?