Exercise at home and support clubs

Do you miss your workout at your favorite club? Generate the code for MultiSport cardholders and practice online! By taking part in live training sessions, not only do you stay in shape, but also support program partner facilities and the staff.

How to participate in online workouts?

Any kind of physical activity is good for you! Stop being a couch potation, get up and support fitness clubs and your own health


Sign In

Log in and generate the code.


Choose a club

Select the club where you want to train online.


Get access

Redeem the code for access to live-streaming at the facility you selected.


Time to exercise

Enjoy your at-home workout routine.

You can only generate and use one MultiSport code per day. Remember to use it the same day.

The rules for sharing codes for online training with MultiSport Program Partners can be found here. Please read them before downloading the code.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I use the code I generated today tomorrow?