Read e-press with the MultiSport card.

Now you won't miss anything! With the MultiSport or MultiActive card, you can read your favourite magazines for free in a digital press kiosk. Activate your promotional code and gain monthly access to selected titles in the Publico24 Newsstand.


  1. Click on “Generate a code” and collect your promotional code, valid until 30/06/2019.
  2. Download the Publico24 Newsstand application to your phone or tablet and go through the registration process.
  3. Enter the generated code in the “Promotional codes” tab in the application and click to confirm.

That's all! Now you have access to all the contents in the application for 30 days, free of charge. You will find a list of available magazines HERE.


Terms and Conditions of MultiSport News Promotion


To receive your promo code, please log in at: and click on “Generate a code.”

You can read the following magazines in the app: 30/06/2019.

As part of the promotion, you can read magazines free of charge only in the Publico24 Newsstand app installed on your phone (running Android or iOS) or on your tablet.

You can enjoy free access to Publico24 Newsstand for 30 days. This period is counted from the time you enter the promotional code in the app.

The promotion ends on 30/06/2019. You can generate one promotional code valid for 3 moths until this date.

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