Exercise your mind with MultiSport Logic!

Discover new puzzle games, exercise your brain and improve it. You will notice changes after a month!


Before starting the game, you will be asked to take four tests to gauge your cognitive skills. Based on the results, the system will offer you a set of training exercises.


After completing 20 training sessions or after 4 weeks, you will be able to take the tests again and check your progress!



You will improve your logical thinking:

  • it will be easier for you to define the goals – even the distant ones,
  • you’ll get hold of your emotions in difficult moments,
  • it will become easier for you to differentiate the reasons from effects,
  • you make more conscious decisions.

You will improve your speed:

  • you'll be more effective in acquiring new knowledge and skills,
  • you'll be quicker to respond to a potential danger, e.g. on the road,
  • your self-esteem will boost along with your mood,
  • your response time can be reduced by even 400 ms, which is how long a blink of an eye lasts!

You will improve your concentration:

  • you'll improve your work effectiveness,
  • you wont miss any important dates,
  • you'll be a better driver - nothing will get out of your sight on the road,
  • you'll stay focused on your task longer.

You will improve your memory:

  • you'll easily make any decision,
  • you'll remember quicker and more,
  • you'll find the necessary information in your memory quicker,
  • you'll organize your time in a more effective manner.

Frequently asked questions

Any MultiSport Programme User holding a card with “active” or “before activation” status can use the MultiSport Logic platform free of charge. To start exercising your mind, click “Start training” and sign in or create an account in the MultiSport Zone.

All Programme Users will be able to access the MultiSport Logic platform free of charge until 31 May 2019.

When you receive your new card number, enter it in the proper field in “My Profile” tab. After logging into the MultiSport Zone with the new card number, you may continue to use the MultiSport Logic platform. You will not lose either your results or your saved settings.

Yes. The NeuroGra mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

You have a choice of 6 types of training: memory, concentration, balanced, for learners, for seniors, for working people.

You can change the training type at any time and start exercising your mind in a different area.

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