Take advantage of a free on-line diet
and achieve your dream body.

Start a free on-line diet with the MultiSport card! Choose from 12 nutrition plans, consult a dietitian and change your eating habits for good!

You can use the MultiSport Diet platform every day – based on your chosen plan, the system will offer you meals that match your preferences. You can swap them, modify them or add them to “favourites”, creating the ideal diet to meet your needs. A healthy, active lifestyle is closer than you think – start it with the MultiSport card!


Classic diet


Convenient diet


Vegetarian diet


Low-cost diet


Muscle building diet


Diet for active people


Mind diet


Gluten-free diet


Diabetes diet


Dash diet


High-protein diet


Hashimoto's diet



Check out what options are available


Excluding procucts

Before creating your diet, mark the products you want to exclude – for example, because you are allergic to them. The app will suggest meals without these products.

Choose your objective

Before you start on a MultiSport Diet, choose the objective you want to achieve: lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight.

Cooking for your family

The app will help you calculate the quantities of ingredients needed to prepare meals for the whole family, without giving up your individual diet.

Consult a dietitian

Regularly consult experienced dietitians, psycho-dietitians and sports nutrition specialists who understand your concerns and answer your questions.

Shopping list

Based on your nutritional plan, the app will automatically generate a shopping list of ingredients necessary to prepare meals.

Meal replacement

Adjust your diet to your preferences with the “meal replacement” function. You can replace a suggested dish with a different one at any time, without affecting your diet. The app will offer you a large selection of meals with a similar calorific value.

Calories guard

If you have eaten too much or were unable to resist your favourite snack, do not worry! The calories guard keeps track of any changes you have made and adjusts your diet, so as to ensure its basic assumptions are still satisfied. With this function, you can work towards your goal more effectively.

Favourite days

Adjust your diet to your preferences. Add meals and products to your favourites and include them in your menu with one click. Plan your meals for the whole day in a similar way. Achieve the desired body weight while eating what you like!

Weight monitor

Monitor your weight and record your progress. On this screen you can watch your progress with your own eyes, day by day.

Frequently asked questions

Any MultiSport Programme User holding a card with “active” or “before activation” status can use the MultiSport Diet platform free of charge. To start a diet, click “Start a diet” and sign in or create an account in the MultiSport Zone.

All Programme Users will be able to access the MultiSport Diet platform free of charge until 31.05.2020.

When you receive your new card number, enter it in the proper field in “My Profile” tab. After logging into the MultiSport Zone with the new card number, you may continue to use the MultiSport Diet platform. You will not lose either your results or your saved settings.

Currently it is not possible to download the mobile application. We will notify you as soon as it is available. If you want to be kept up to date, subscribe to the MultiSport newsletter.

You have a choice of 12 diet types: classic, convenient, vegetarian, cheap, muscle building, for active people, MIND, gluten-free, diabetes, DASH, high-protein, Hashimoto. More nutritional plans coming soon.

The platform allows you to modify your nutritional plan as you wish. You can change the diet type and the objective, substitute meals and customize the menu to suit you current needs.



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