Let your little one’s imagination run wild and free with the MultiSport card! Until the end of January, you can download two free audiobooks from the MultiSport Books collection for children and teenagers. Discover exciting characters and dive into their amazing adventures read by some familiar voices.


  1. To get your 2 free audiobooks, click the “Generate codes” button.
  2. The system will generate 2 unique codes which allow you to get two audiobooks. The codes are valid until 31 January 2019 and they will be available through your MultiSport Zone profile after logging in.
  3. Click “Download” under the desired title in the MultiSport Books collection.
  4. The system will redirect you to Audioteka, where you will find the audiobook’s description and imprint, and a snippet that you can listen to.
  5. Add the audiobook to your cart and click on “I have a promo code”. You will be asked to register or log in to Audioteka.
  6. After you have completed registration, enter one of the codes generated in the MultiSport Zone in the provided space and click “Order”.
  7. To listen to the audiobook, download the free Audioteka app on your phone or tablet from http://audioteka.com/pl/applications and log in to the app using the name and password you provided during account creation.
  8. The downloaded audiobook will be accessible indefinitely on your shelf within the app.

Terms and conditions of the “MultiSport Books” promotion

Free audiobooks from the MultiSport Books collection


To receive your promo codes, register and then login at www.kartamultisport.pl. You can get your codes by going to the to the MultiSport Books subpage, and clicking the “Generate Codes” button. You can receive two codes for free audiobooks while the promotion lasts, that is between 15/10/2018 and 31/01/2019. One code can be redeemed for one audiobook.

The promotion includes the following 5 titles: „Był sobie pies”, „Gwiazd naszych wina”, „Cudowny chłopak”, „Karolcia”, „Nowe przygody skarpetek (jeszcze bardziej niesamowite)”.

No. The code can only be used to download the 5 above-mentioned titles which are part of the promotional collection. The Audioteka service will prevent you from using the code to receive other titles.

No. Every promo code transaction has to be performed separately. Only then will the promo code enable you to download the audiobook for free.

You can listen to your free promotional audiobooks using Audioteka’s free apps only. The applications which enable you to conveniently listen to your audiobooks on your phone or tablet, even without internet access, are available for Android 4.0.4 and newer, iOS 8.0 and newer.

Make sure that you have correctly entered your login credentials in the Settings of the Audioteka app. If so, refresh your shelf by swiping the screen from top to bottom (Android, iOS).

To view available codes, login to your profile at www.kartamultisport.pl and navigate to the MultiSport Books subpage – the generated codes will be visible there.


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