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MultiSport Senior is a sports card, designed for people over 60 years of age. It entitles you to use sports facilities throughout Poland, once a day, in the hours before 16:00.

Visit for a list of all the activities and services that will be available to you as a MultiSport card holder from September 2018

If you have the MultiSport or MultiActive card of the “Employee” type, you can order the MultiSport Senior card through the HR Department of your company or the eMultiSport 2 platform (depending on the method of ordering cards selected by the employer).

The price of the card is about PLN 40 per month. The price is individually determined with the employer – if you want to see the price list in your company, contact the HR Department.

If you have a MultiSport Plus, MultiSport Classic or a MultiActive card of the “Employee” type, you can order 2 MultiSport Senior cards. Holders of cards of the “Kids” or “Accompanying Person” types are not eligible to purchase a MultiSport Senior card.

You can use the MultiSport Senior card in sports facilities across Poland. The cities where the service is currently offered can be found at

To take part in the activities available to MultiSport Senior card holders, visit a sports facility of your choice. Remember to bring the card and an identity document; you should produce them at the reception desk.

The MultiSport Senior card is issued to a specific person and cannot be transferred to others.

With the MultiSport Senior card you can join an activity once a day, before 16:00, seven days a week.

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