You can order the card through your employer.

Did you know that according to a TNS study 47% of seniors have not engaged in any physical activity for the last 6 months? There are many reasons for this, including stereotypes and anxiety: "at my age, it wouldn't be proper", "I don't know how to use the equipment" etc. We can change all that!

Give your relative a MultiSport Senior card and join the struggle against the conventional view that sport is only for the young.


It is the first sports card in Poland designed especially for people over 60 – we are opening the fitness market to older people and showing that sport and exercise are essential at any age.

The card holder can use thousands of sports facilities every day before 4 p.m. The current list of facilities that accept the card can be found on the search page. It is constantly growing! Remember, the MultiSport Senior card gives the holder access not only to fitness clubs and swimming pools, but also to salt grottos and saunas, where you can relax and unwind.


Do you have one of the MultiSport cards of the “Employee” type? If so, you can order two MultiSport Senior cards for your loved ones. The cost of the card is only 49 PLN per month.

Please note that the additional MultiSport Program cards (for children, for an accompanying person and for seniors over 60) can be ordered only through your employer.

HOW TO USE THE MultiSport Senior CARD

Choose the activity and the location.

Go to the facility. Remember to bring your card and an identity document.

Produce the card and your ID at the reception desk.

That's all. You can start exercising!


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