Plan your training

During our online expert sessions, you will get advice from personal trainers to plan your own strength, endurance, or relaxation training.

Consult your diet

Take care of your health in the best way - consult your diet. Together with a dietitian, you can create a nutrition plan based on your lifestyle and health.

What does the online expert session look like?

Each session is either a 30-minute video call or a chat conversation - at the end, you get personalized material prepared by an expert. Book your session today!

  • Free advice from dietitians based on your needs, not rigid regimens.
  • Possibility to consult your results during the next interview.
  • Individual dietary tips and training advice.

What do the sessions look like?

We share our knowledge about physical activity, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle. A well-thought-out action plan is essential to succeed – that's why we will help you achieve your goals and live better.


How to book your online session?

Our experts will be happy to help you take care of yourself! Don't wait and book your session now.


Choose the type of consultation

Select the topic of consultation and the MultiSport expert you want to talk to.


Book a session

Select the day and time of the session. We will send a confirmation message to your email.


Talk to an expert

The session is either a video call or a messenger chat and lasts about 30 minutes.


 Have a question?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!