Health and body

Participate in online workout sessions with professional trainers and create your own diet. Get professional support from experts and consult your progress.

Soul and mind

Read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, learn English online and take the Mindfulness for stress course.

What is MultiLife?

MultiLife is a set of 10 carefully selected online services as well as sessions with experts – everything you need to take care of yourself holistically, day by day. Available 24/7, anywhere, and anytime. Join today!

What do you get with MultiLife?

MultiLife is your own way for comprehensive development! Start a balanced diet, become more active, calm your mind and become more fluent in English.

  • Create a balanced diet and work out online the way you like.
  • Maintain a calm mind by meditating and listening to audiobooks.
  • Learn English at your own pace and on any level from A1 to C2.

You do not need a MultiSport card to order MultiLife.

How to order MultiLife?

To get MultiLife, simply talk to your employer or the HR team at your company. All it takes is just a few steps.


Talk to your employer

To order MultiLife, please inform your Human Resources department at work.


Receive the e-mail

You will get a welcome email with everything about MultiLife and a link to create your account.


Activate your account

Click on the link in the email and set up your account using your MultiLife number.


Enjoy MultiLife!

Done! Discover everything that MultiLife offers and start enjoying a better lifestyle!


Online workouts

Work out with professional trainers from the best fitness clubs in Poland. Discover hundreds of workout programs on the Yes2Move platform and participate in live sessions up to 5 times a week.

  • Over 400 different workouts
  • Live events
  • Les Mills trainings
  • Les Mills for kids

Get started

Personal trainer

Sign up for free consultations with fitness professionals.  Let their wisdom fuel your workout fire today!


Talk about your nutrition goals during a video or chat consultation with a nutritionist or a dietitian and balance your diet.

Expert online sessions


The essence of a healthy lifestyle

We know that a healthy lifestyle is more than just a balanced diet and sport. It is also the awareness of your own, self-motivation and the art of slow life. With MultiLife you can enjoy it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I order MultiLife?
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Do I need a MultiSport card to use MultiLife?

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