Discover the MultiSport card for children under 15 years of age.

Did you know that a child should engage in a physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day? Exercising not only helps maintain physical fitness, but also improves the brain – active children cope better at school! With the MultiSport card, you'll persuade your children that sport is great fun!


Do you have a MultiSport or MultiActive card of the “Employee” type? If you do, you can order additional cards for the youngest family members! There are two types of cards to choose from:

Kids/Swimming Pool - a swimming pool card. The card costs only PLN 40 per month! With the MultiSport or MultiActive Kids card, children can choose from over 500 swimming pools throughout Poland. . You can find facilities in your neighbourhood on the search page..

Kids – with the MultiSport or MultiActive Kids card, your child can try out various sports activities! There is plenty of choice: ice rinks, swimming pools, summertime pools, climbing walls, dance, martial arts, salt grottos, rope parks, and until the end of December also play rooms in Warsaw and Kraków. You can find facilities in your city on the search page.

Sports cards for children can be ordered through your employer. With each card you order, you get a board game, suitable for 6-year-olds and above. Fun for the whole family guaranteed!


Activities available to MultiSport Kids card holders include: ice skating rink, swimming pool, summer swimming pool, climbing wall, dancing, martial arts, salt cave therapy, rope course and playrooms (until the end of December in Warsaw and Kraków). MultiSport Dziecko card holders can make use of swimming pools all over Poland.

With the MultiSport Kids card you have access to more activities (listed above); with the MultiSport Dziecko card, you can only use a swimming pool.  

The price of the cards depends on individual arrangements with the employer – it is usually up to PLN 90 for the MultiSport Kids card and up to PLN 40 for the MultiSport Dziecko card. Ask your company's HR Department for details.

Cards for children can be ordered through the company's HR Department, provided your employer has arranged for employees to be able to order additional cards under the MultiSport Program agreement, and provided you have a MultiSport or MultiActive card of the “Employee” type.

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