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Thanks to MultiLife, you get access to German lessons in the eTutor service platform. You learn wherever you want and whenever you want. Get results thanks to high-quality materials, without cramming vocabulary all the time.

Activate the code and start learning German today. You can start at any level, from A1 to C2. The rules of the code use can be found HERE.

Activate the code on eTutor

How does it work?

You decide at what level you want to start. Plan your study and start today.


Generate a code

Generate a code by clicking “Generate a code” and copy it. The code will also be automatically saved in your user profile, tab: Activity > Your codes.


Set up an account

Go to eTutor, use the code you have copied and set up an account. You can also download a mobile app to your phone and activate the code in the Settings.


Start learning

Learn a foreign language for 6 months for free. You have as many as 50 German lessons to choose from, from A1 to C2 level.


Learn with the eTutor mobile app, wherever you want and whenever you want.

Are you always on the go and your morning commute is the only time you can focus? There’s a way to make use of it.

With the eTutor mobile app, you can learn anywhere – whether you are at work, queuing in a store, or having coffee in a cafe. Download the app today and start learning.

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