Work the deep muscles during the Pilates classes in the MultiSport Lab. Exercise and work on your posture!


Tense muscles, back pain and feeling unwell sound familiar? Now you can take care of you whole organism. You will learn how to develop conscious awareness of your body.

The MultiSport Programme Users have priority when enrolling in the Pilates classes in MultiSport Lab – the enrollment form is available below. Note: for MultiSport Classic and MultiActive cards, one admission to the classes is equivalent to one use of a sports facility.

The Pilates classes will take place at 5:00 pm in the Lecture and Training Zone in the MultiSport Lab at the Winter National Stadium. You must register separately for each class.


Note: If you are unable to attend classes in which you enrolled, please make sure you deregister, so that another person can use the class instead.




Every Saturday in February at 5:00 pm

PGE National Stadium

The enrollment form is available after you have logged in.

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