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Cookies and similar technologies

Websites and websites of the company Benefit Systems S.A. based in Warsaw (hereinafter: "Benefit Systems") can send and use the so-called cookies (cookies) and other similar technologies. This Policy on cookies applies in particular to the following websites (hereinafter:"Websites"),,,,, www,,,, and possibly others, if we refer to its provisions in them.

You will find information about: the cookies we use; local storage technology; additional important information on the operation of the Services, including information on web push messages.

What are cookies and what do we use them for?

Cookies are text files saved via a web browser on your end device (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.). During further visits to the Websites, the browser sends such a file back to the Website and thus it can be recognized each time. Some cookies are necessary to enable the user to navigate around the Website and use it. In addition, cookies, by collecting information on how the Website is used by users, ensure their proper functioning, and increase their efficiency, allowing for faster finding of the necessary information. Some cookies are also used to obtain information for analytical and statistical purposes and for marketing purposes.

Cookies have an expiry date, after which they become inactive.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary files that are stored from the moment you enter the Websites, only until the browser session is closed or the browser itself is closed.

Permanent cookies

These are cookies that facilitate the use of the Websites and are stored for a long time. The websites store cookies with information about:

  • displaying a message regarding cookie management. This file is stored for one year from the moment it is saved on the end device.
  • the city you are in, assuming you have agreed to share your location.

The website additionally uses a cookie that stores information about:

  • application status, including whether you have read the tutorial we provided on how to use the search engine. Information on the state of the application is stored until you change your browser settings.

Third-party cookies

These are files from external entities that work with our websites. Our websites use files to collect data for the purposes of analyzes and statistics on the way you use the websites and marketing cookies. These cookies are saved from the beginning of your visit to our Website (if your browser is set to accept cookies from our Website).

For this purpose, we use tools that help us understand the needs of users of our websites:

1. Google Analytics - a tool that is used to count visits to the Websites, their length and determine what functionalities of the Websites or what parts of them are most often used or visited and how they are used by individual users. The information collected in this way allows us to analyze the performance of the Websites and determine the directions of development of new functionalities and services. Please see the information on Google Analytics Cookie for more information. It is possible to opt out of placing cookies from Google Analytics on your device at this address

2. Hotjar - a tool that uses cookies and other technologies to collect data about:

  • the behavior of our users on the website, e.g. time spent on specific pages, the most frequently used links, the difficulties encountered - this allows us to create and maintain Websites in accordance with the preferences of users,
  • devices of our users (in particular, the device's IP address captured and stored only in an anonymous form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), preferred language used to display our website).

3. Hotjar stores the above-mentioned information in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Hotjar nor we will ever use this information to identify individual users or to match it with further data of a given user. For more information, please see Hotjar's privacy policy by clicking on this link -

Synerise - a tool provided by Synerise SA, that supports activities aimed at automating marketing and sales processes, including the processing of marketing and sales data and their complex analysis in the so-called multi-channel model - i.e. in a model that allows reaching the user through various channels (e.g. websites, web push notifications, SMS, MMS, e-mail, chat, telephone, etc.) and various devices (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet, telephone ) used by the user. Cookies from Synerise collect information about the behavior of visitors to our Websites, including the content they view. The information collected by Synerise cookies is used for profiling for direct marketing purposes - in order to present you with content and offers tailored to your potential interests.

4. Google Ads - an advertising system from Google, enabling the emission of text, image, and video advertisements and displaying sponsored links in the search results of the Google search engine and on websites cooperating with the Google AdSense program.

5. Facebook Ads - it is a Facebook advertising system that enables the creation, purchase, and ad management on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network Facebook networks.

Advertising cookies

These are files responsible for displaying advertisements tailored to your preferences. Our cookies and cookies of external suppliers (e.g. Google Adwords) are used to conduct marketing campaigns and remarketing campaigns that reach you with our marketing messages if you have previously visited our websites. These cookies remember that you have visited our websites and what activities you have performed on our websites. The information collected in this way is transferred to external suppliers.

Analytical cookie management

You can opt-out of the anonymous recording of activities performed on the website in analytical cookies. The privacy rules adopted by our service providers and information on how to opt-out of their cookies can be found at the following addresses:

Are cookies dangerous?

No, because cookies are not computer programs and cannot be used as codes. They do not spread viruses and each user can manage cookies on the end device. In addition, cookie files contain only pieces of data that do not allow the full identification of the user.

Managing cookies

We use cookies only with your consent. You can always disable or modify cookie settings on your device on the browser (web browser). By default, the software used for browsing websites allows files to be saved on the end device by default, and thus allows us to process the data collected in these files. As cookies are also used to remember your cookie preferences, you should be aware of the consequences of changing your settings, in particular:

  • if you disable cookies on your device, it may not be possible to log in to the website and use its functionality.
  • In case of using a different device, profile on a computer, or web browser, it will be necessary to redefine your preferences regarding cookies.

For detailed information on managing cookie settings, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the web browser you use, in particular:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera

For mobile devices:

  • Android
  • Safari
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

Additional important information on the operation of the Websites:

Local Storage

The websites also use a technology called Local Storage. Local Storage is a place where information provided by your browser is stored. We will save here information about the MultiSport cards you have selected so that you do not have to select them again at the next entry.

In Local Storage, we also store the searches you have selected so that when you enter them again, they will appear in the hints and - thus - your search will be faster.

Local Storage stores data indefinitely, until you restore the default settings or manually change the browser cache. The instructions can be found on the help page of the browser you are using.

Web push notifications

What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications are short messages that are displayed on the screen of your device.

For us, it is one of the marketing tools supporting communication with you. For you, it is a source of knowledge about our services, including news, facilities and seasonal activities, campaigns, competitions or events.

How can I turn web push notifications on?

Receiving web push messages requires your consent. As soon as you reach the Website, we will ask you if you want to receive notifications from us. We will also ask you to read the information described here. If you are interested, click "I agree" - this will allow us to send you the content that interests you even when you leave our site.

How can I opt out of notifications?

You can revoke your consent and thus unsubscribe from notifications at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of actions taken by us on the basis of consent before its withdrawal. To do this, you just need to change the settings of your web browser. For example, you can do this as follows:

Google Chrome

Go to Settings> Advanced> Content settings> Notifications. Then in the browser bar it will be the address chrome: // settings / content / notifications. On the list, we can find all the pages where we have consented to push notifications. If you want to unsubscribe from them, just select Remove from the menu.


Go to Options> Privacy and security, search for the Permissions> Notifications section. On the list, search for websites from which we want to unsubscribe, and then select Block.

Chrome Android

After entering the Chrome browser, to the right of the address bar, click More> Settings> Notifications. On the list, we search for websites from which we want to unsubscribe, and then "uncheck" the selected ones.

Google Tag Manager

Our websites use Google Tag Manager. This service allows website tags to be managed via an interface. Google Tool Manager only implements tags. This means that no cookies are used and no personal data is collected. Google Tool Manager activates other tags, which in turn collect data as needed. However, Google Tool Manager does not access this data. If deactivation has been performed at the domain or cookie level, it remains valid for all tracking tags if they are implemented in Google Tag Manager.


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